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** IMPORTANT IMFORMATION** (updated 07.09.20)

All monthly Parish Council Meetings will still be conducted virtually via Zoom. 

It is unlikely for at least until the end of this year to hold PC meetings in the village hall.  We cannot use the Committee Room due to it’s size and not being able to maintain social distancing.  The main hall is only going to be let to the groups who have already got contracts, to go back and hold their classes with new restrictions in place. Therefore it is not free for the Parish Council to use for the time being.

(Added 22.03.20)

In the light of recent changes to Government advice we are now restricted from holding  Parish Council meetings with immediate effect.

Parish Councils have been informed to make sure they have in place the necessary delegations to enable business continuity and need to put in place the necessary delegations to enable this to happen.

With guidance from SALC and NALC, the Clerk has drawn up a Business  Business Continuity Motion for The Parish Council.  (see attachment below).

Business Continuity Motion to Council Ref Covid-19

The Chairman called an extraordinary meeting for all Parish Councillors to sign this Motion on 20th March 2020.


Nestling in the foothills of Ham Hill Country Park, lies the stunning village of Norton sub Hamdon.  Norton is small but nevertheless, there is a huge sense of community and a vigorous wealth of activity.   The village supports many clubs, festivals and shows, including the annual flower show, youth clubs, local church, live comedy nights, pantomimes, coffee mornings, annual festival and even duck racing to name but a few!  We have an amazing pub, The Lord Nelson, which caters for all, whether it is live music, quiz nights, film nights, skittles teams plus amazing food for all the family.  We have an incredible Community Land Trust which due to the commitment of residents, has saved the thriving village shop (which is run by volunteers) and Post Office, and has been responsible for the recent addition of 10 Affordable homes.  Amongst the warm glow of the Hamstone houses, sits a greatly valued primary school and a dominant medieval church.  Norton has something for everyone.  Everyone receives a warm welcome here and people go out of their way to help others, whatever their need may be. If you are looking for a village which oozes charm, quaintness and oodles of spirit…then Norton sub Hamdon is the only place!